My Anaplan Experience

   Dave Edwards

How my experience is driving me to create a better consulting option for all…


I have spent four years as the primary Anaplan developer across roles at three different companies. I am proud to have delivered and supported over 20 models and 400 end users during that time.

Being the lone developer in my prior roles has taught me an incredible amount about managing time, resources and expectations while engaged in multiple projects with different corporate stakeholders. As a result, I became a Certified Master Anaplanner with a strong ability to manage complex projects—something I consider to be a rare combination of qualities and very fortunate to have developed in my career.

My modeling experience ranges from small executive summary models with limited user bases to large-scope consolidated planning models exceeding 200 active users.

The areas of my Anaplan modeling expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Allocations
  • Asset Management
  • CapEx and Depreciation Forecasting
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Centralized Security Management
  • Corporate Budgeting
  • End User Metrics and Support
  • Executive Summary and KPIs
  • Financial Planning
  • Investor Relations
  • Process Automation
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Training Dashboards
  • Variance Tracking
  • Workforce Planning
  • Zero Base Budgeting

A necessary career change 

Now, why am I moving into the uncertain world of consulting?

In my years as a full-time employee, I experienced firsthand the shortcomings of today’s Big Consulting industry. Project timelines are being condensed for the sake of profit maximization. Consultants are being deemed “subject matter experts” or “solution architects” with minimal experience. The solutions and models these firms are building for their customers rarely last more than one planning cycle before encountering serious, unsustainable design flaws. Businesses deserve better. Your business deserves better.

Beyond providing a substantially better service than today’s consulting firms, my biggest goal is to incorporate Anaplan into as many companies and drive as much efficiency and cost savings as possible. Another gripe I have with larger consulting firms is they are not necessarily committed to Anaplan. They are committed to your company, which is huge and the main consideration anyone should take.

But as a consulting firm, if you are not equally committed to the success of the tool you are implementing, then what are you actually doing? If a firm also specializes in Oracle, TM1 or other BI tools, then it does not necessarily matter to them which product your company is trying to implement. The consultants will make money and be happy either way.

That is where I am different by believing in Anaplan as the best tool for your business. As a company, Anaplan is more invested in the concept of connected planning and bringing consumable data analytics to everyday users than any of its competitors. They are actively working to revolutionize the planning industry, and everyone else is playing catch-up.


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Why Anaplan is the right choice

So, if your business can implement a great solution with Anaplan and expand into multiple use cases, not only will you have immediate results, but you will substantially benefit as Anaplan – the company – grows its presence and global impact. That is why I will bring my energy into building the perfect solution that will perform better than any other product and consultant can provide.

You have made an excellent decision by selecting Anaplan as your company’s enterprise planning software. Now, let me help you grow that decision into a lasting competitive advantage and catalyst for efficiency and improved performance.

Take the time to find someone with reliable experience, and you will be rewarded with expertise and undivided commitment to the success of your business.

Thanks for reading!