As with any new software implementation, your first project rollout will undoubtedly be the most intimidating aspect of your Anaplan journey. During this phase, not only are you tasked with learning a new technology, but the functionality and potential of the Anaplan platform will likely be quite unfamiliar and far more encompassing than your company’s current business solutions. That is why it is absolutely critical that you trust your first project cycle with someone who has routinely executed successful implementations across a diverse set of use cases and industries.

1. Beginning your journey


Some of the questions you will encounter during the initial stages of your Anaplan journey:

  • How much should we plan to roll out during our first project cycle?
  • Should we seek to overhaul or replicated our existing processes?
  • What is a realistic project scope given our delivery schedule?

The answers to these questions are critical for a successful implementation. Answering them should should be trusted to someone who holds years of model building experience and the knowledge to prescribe Anaplan’s functionality with your business use case.

2. What makes a successful implementation?


An implementation must achieve certain standards to be deemed a success. Big Consulting generally measures success as getting the customer from Point A to Point B (i.e. delivering some product that is mildly usable to your user base). I consider success to be a much greater measure of the expertise of the hired consultant(s), and the value delivered to the customer beyond what was in the project contract.

At the end of a project, your team should be fully enabled to take control of your Anaplan environment with an ongoing support/training plan in place. Efficiency gains and process improvements should be obvious to end users. ROI of a project should be measurable and trackable far beyond the conclusion of the project. These are the success factors that must be used both during and after your Anaplan implementation.

3. The value I bring


Effective solution builders must be born from the industries they are serving. This provides them with an intuition for designing solutions that will be long-lasting and sustainable through future years across changing business cycles. The typical plug-and-play consultant is capable of designing a model that will meet the immediate needs of a customer, but due to their experience as a project consultant instead of a full-time employee of an industry corporation their solutions may soon deteriorate in functionality as their customer evolves and moves from one year to the next.

This is the inherent value I bring as an individual consultant whose experience draws from being the sole Anaplan subject matter expert and model builder across multiple companies of varying industries. I will deliver advanced project quality, efficiency and functionality that will lay the foundation for your business to achieve sustainable growth and process improvement for years to come.

Anaplan has the potential to revolutionize your planning processes and greatly enhance the corporate engagement of your end users. However, this can only be achieved through a successfully implemented solution. I have witnessed too many implementations at the hands of today’s Big Consulting firms result in confusion and dissatisfaction for their customers.

The profit maximizing ambitions of these firms incentivizes condensed project timelines and over-promising of the quality and effectiveness of key deliverables. With my expertise and individualized approach, I provide the attention and realistic perspective your company deserves for both immediate and continual success through the Anaplan platform.

“Anaplan has the potential to revolutionize your planning processes…”

 Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover a better alternative to meeting your company’s Anaplan needs. I have the experience and dedication to grow your Anaplan presence into a sustainable, highly efficient solution that will exceed the expectations of your end users and team of model builders. Send me a message to get the conversation started, and I will deliver the support your company needs and deserves for success.