Whether your company has just finished a major project rollout or has a seasoned Anaplan environment, your system landscape can always benefit from a best practice audit. Over time, your system architecture inevitably cuts corners or accumulates inefficiencies that may be undetectable or simply overlooked. By utilizing the expertise of someone with advanced knowledge of both Anaplan’s defined best practices as well as their own personalized approaches to effective model design, your company stands to increase model performance and administrative efficiency.

1. What is covered by an audit?


A best practice audit will review all aspects of your Anaplan environment, including processes, modules, dashboards, and user security settings. The purpose of an audit is it assess your adherence to established standards for model architecture that drive efficient model size, calculation speed, and user experience.

When conducting an audit, I leverage my years of experience developing highly efficient workspaces in order to evaluate Anaplan’s effectiveness within your company’s areas of deployment. My initial evaluation of your system landscape is free of charge, as it is only a recommendation for improving your Anaplan performance. From that point, you may use my suggestions to solidify your model architecture on your own, or we can move forward with a plan to bring your models to efficiency standards together.

My goal either way is to leave your company with a concrete plan for driving end user efficiency and administrative excellence.

2. Why this will benefit your company


Over time, inefficiencies will naturally accumulate within your Anaplan environment. Even the most seasoned developers are prone to common oversights as a result of continual building and tight deadlines. You may develop a certain level of familiarity with your models, which may leave you partially blind to areas of opportunity for improving your architecture and performance.

By bringing in an outside pair of eyes to review your model designs, you enable your company to benefit from achieving a best practice environment. These benefits include (but are not limited to) reduced model sparsity and cell count, increased calculation speeds and load times, reduced user frustration stemming from convoluted processes or long processing times, and protection against inadvertently deleted data.

3. Steps to take on your own


The easiest step to take towards establishing a best-practice Anaplan environment is to request a complimentary audit. This will give you the assurance you need to make the necessary changes that will enable your team of model builders to best satisfy the needs of your business and end users. You may do so by sending me a message through my Contact page.

If you would like to review your company’s adherence to best practices on your own, I highly encourage you to follow this link to the Anaplan Best Practice Community Page. This website serves as a great starting point for redesigning your models to meet the known criteria for system performance.

Over the course of your Anaplan journey, you will almost certainly encounter areas of improvement for your model architecture and end user experience. While maintaining an up-to-standard environment is certainly possible on your own, having a second set of eyes can provide the assurance you need to have full confidence in the effectiveness of your Anaplan solutions.

With my help, we will ensure your models align with both Anaplan best practice standards and design techniques developed from my own experiences creating sustainable solutions across multiple organizations. Your end users, model administrators, and executive stakeholders will all benefit from a workspace that features improved performance and maximized efficiency.

“…having a second set of eyes can provide the assurance you need to have full confidence in the effectiveness of your Anaplan solutions.”

 Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover a better alternative to meeting your company’s Anaplan needs. I have the experience and dedication to grow your Anaplan presence into a sustainable, highly efficient solution that will exceed the expectations of your end users and team of model builders. Send me a message to get the conversation started, and I will deliver the support your company needs and deserves for success.