As your business use cases begin to increase, your company will quickly realize the need to establish standard operating procedures and governance around its Anaplan environment. This will allow Anaplan to expand into other functional areas within your company in addition to the initial implementation, and your product ownership team will feel enabled to handle the user and maintenance demands that will similarly increase. By designating and creating a Center of Excellence around your Anaplan platform, you will achieve an efficient approach for data standardization and development responsibilities. As a result, you will complete a major step towards establishing Anaplan as a sustainable enterprise software with the full potential to exceed your connected planning ambitions.

1. What is a Center of Excellence?

A Center of Excellence (COE), as defined by Anaplan, is “a centralized governing body dedicated to ensuring scalable and successful implementation of Anaplan to execute on strategic objectives and achieve desired business outcomes.” For your business, this means establishing a group of individuals who will oversee the operation and growth of Anaplan across your organization by promoting modeling standards and guidelines for implementing new use cases.

Many companies are capable of generating sufficient momentum during initial projects and planning cycles, but this can quickly fade and cause businesses to retreat back to their original inefficient practices. A COE protects against this behavior and provides sustainable support for Anaplan as an enterprise solution, which will provide both the development team and end users with confidence in the long-term value that the software provides. Curious to learn more? Download my a free copy of my COE Template.

2. Benefits of implementing a COE


While a COE requires dedication and upfront effort, its benefits will fully justify the time spent working through this sustainable approach. You can expect to experience the following as a result of a successfully implemented COE:

  • Design standards that promote consistency and efficiency across all models.
  • Executive support and organizational backing for Anaplan as an enterprise solution, which protects against planning software turnover.
  • Centralized support for end users to increase satisfaction and minimize modeling errors/inconsistencies.
  • Thorough change management procedures to ensure users are constantly enabled with training and feedback monitoring.

In short, a COE is your gateway to legitimizing Anaplan as your company’s path forward into continuous improvement across your organization. To access more information about a COE, visit Anaplan’s Community page here.

3. How I will deliver for your company


While larger consulting firms will likely focus on the short-term goals of an implementation, I have years of firsthand experience realizing the importance of ingrained sustainable governance and operating procedures within an organization’s Anaplan environment. As a Master Anaplanner and sole subject matter expert across three companies, I have trained and enabled multiple systems teams to become self-sufficient owners of their Anaplan solutions. My meticulously developed best practice standards for model architecture and data governance will provide your organization with a concrete strategy for driving efficient administrative oversight and end user support.

My goal is to enable your company to achieve lasting results and efficiency gains through the Anaplan platform. With my expertise and your dedication to establishing a Center of Excellence, we will create a solid foundation for long-term growth as you continue your journey into the world of connected enterprise planning.

A Center of Excellence provides a level of legitimacy for your company’s Anaplan environment that otherwise cannot be attained through project implementations alone. It is a foundational approach to integrating Anaplan within your organization’s existing structures in order to enable your solutions to meet the future needs of both end users and the larger company vision, while maintaining a high standard for data integrity and change management.

The benefits of a strategically developed Center of Excellence span across immediate end user satisfaction and executive support to sustained long-term efficiency goals through a connected planning system landscape. By dedicating your company to this approach, you will create a path towards significant competitive advantages as the concepts and rewards of connected planning are realized across industries.

“…create a path towards significant competitive advantages as the concepts and rewards of connected planning are realized across industries.”

 Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover a better alternative to meeting your company’s Anaplan needs. I have the experience and dedication to grow your Anaplan presence into a sustainable, highly efficient solution that will exceed the expectations of your end users and team of model builders. Send me a message to get the conversation started, and I will deliver the support your company needs and deserves for success.