One of the biggest risks to your successful Anaplan implementation is a failure to develop a long-term support strategy. Many existing consulting firms provide adequate assistance during a project buildout and immediately afterward, but securing flexible support is proving to be a more difficult task for growing companies. Your company needs support to match the unpredictable nature of your business. Continue reading to learn how my approach will give your business full control over your terms of support and create an on-demand solution to your model building needs.

1. Where current providers fail


With midsize and large consulting firms looking to maximize the time each of their employees spends on external (billable) project work, finding a support plan that is customizable and flexible enough to match your business need is a difficult task. As a result, firms will typically offer monthly support contracts at a set number of hours (20 or 40 hours per week).

But what if you simply need assistance with routine tasks or troubleshooting end user requests and bug fixes, which may only require a one-time effort of 10-20 hours? Where can you find on-demand support among the existing big-box consulting solutions?

2. The support you need


When a project ends, it can feel intimidating to be faced with the task of achieving self-sufficient Anaplan expertise and support. You may inevitably run into these situations:

  • End users discover bugs that require immediate attention.
  • You have a gap between your current state and finding full-time Anaplan resources.
  • Certain architectural design changes would make model oversight simpler for your internal support team.

These situations demand access to someone who can support your efforts as you move along your Anaplan journey, yet they are often unpredictable and not extensive enough to require a long-term commitment to a consulting firm’s resources.

3. The solutions you need, I will deliver


  • Expert support from a Master Anaplanner with multiple years of real-business implementation experience.
  • You decide the number of hours needed to support or supplement your model building efforts.
  • Variable support term lengths (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) as your business requires.
  • Schedule your support windows before, during and/or after working hours.

Today’s consulting firms have designed their practices to meet their profitability goals. This is in direct conflict with your company’s need for on-demand support that will meet the ever-changing dynamics of your Anaplan experience. The right solution for your business should be customizable to match both your financial and practical requirements for ongoing support.

To put this into perspective, you would never hire an electrician for 40 hours per week for an entire month to fix one faulty appliance. So why should you have to hire a consulting firm for 40 hours per week for an entire month to provide a much smaller amount of support and expertise for your Anaplan workspace? Your support plan deserves to be fully within your control.

“Your support plan deserves to be fully within your control.”

 Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover a better alternative to meeting your company’s Anaplan needs. I have the experience and dedication to grow your Anaplan presence into a sustainable, highly efficient solution that will exceed the expectations of your end users and team of model builders. Send me a message to get the conversation started, and I will deliver the support your company needs and deserves for success.