Building strong models with strong foundations is just the beginning of a creating a strategic Anaplan environment. As is the case with other planning platforms and ERP tools, companies have the ability to develop and schedule routine tasks in Anaplan. Whether this is accomplished through the free-to-use Anaplan Connect API client or through third-party SAAS options (i.e. MuleSoft, Informatica, etc.), leveraging automated processes will drastically increase your model efficiency by removing a large component of the manual effort required by your internal system support teams. The gold standard for Anaplan modeling is an environment that synchronizes all external information and consolidates all internal calculations on its own, and process automation is the key to achieving this level of functionality.

1. Decrease manual maintenance effort


Two aspects of your system support team are crucial for the ongoing success of your Anaplan journey: time and professional development. Upon completion of a typical Anaplan project, you are undoubtedly left with any number of imports and exports that rely on a manual trigger. In many situations, theses tasks can be scheduled an triggered automatically throughout the day or overnight without the need for human intervention.

Moving to an automated systems landscape allows your team to spend more time developing and searching for new efficiency gains within your company, rather than running mundane tasks and waiting long periods of time for models to be synchronized. And by providing your team more time to grow your company’s Anaplan presence, you are also enabling their individual growth towards becoming more valuable assets to your organization.

Therefore, process automation should be viewed as an opportunity to both save on labor capital as well as invest in the future development of your Anaplan system and support team.

2. Increase end user confidence


One of the greatest risks to your long-term Anaplan success (or any system) is failing to meet a superior level of data integrity. This includes:

  • Consistent metadata hierarchies across all models
  • Source data and historical information ties out to external systems
  • User-driven entries are traceable from entry point to final calculation

By automating your Anaplan processes, you provide an environment where end users can be confident in the data being presented to them. Scheduled integrations ensure hierarchies, source system data and user-driven forecasts are routinely in unison across your overall systems landscape, reducing user frustrations and promoting an overall positive perception of your Anaplan use cases.

3. Why should I invest in process automation?


The Anaplan platform provides multiple avenues for pursuing process automation. These range from free downloadable tools such as the Anaplan Connect API client, as well as purchased subscriptions to third-party providers. Any steps taken towards automating routine tasks between models and external systems should be viewed as an investment in both your support team and end users.

Need help deciding which path to take? Leverage my expertise across multiple companies designing automated process flows. I have over three years of experience building and automating Anaplan Connect scripts, and my extensive model building knowledge provides me the technical knowledge to support and recommend alternative options for third-party integrations.

Upon completion of an Anaplan implementation, it is far too common that internal model processes are overlooked and left for manual maintenance. This causes frustration and lost time for both model support teams and end users, which can lead to growing maintenance costs and loss of user confidence. Avoid this situation by seeking up-front investment in process automation.

By utilizing one of the many options for system integration and the expertise of an independent consultant committed to the success of your company, you can achieve a sophisticated Anaplan landscape that minimizes manual data synchronization effort and maximizes end user satisfaction. Take time to explore the opportunities for automating your Anaplan environment.

“…achieve a sophisticated Anaplan landscape that minimizes manual data synchronization effort and maximizes end user satisfaction.”

 Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover a better alternative to meeting your company’s Anaplan needs. I have the experience and dedication to grow your Anaplan presence into a sustainable, highly efficient solution that will exceed the expectations of your end users and team of model builders. Send me a message to get the conversation started, and I will deliver the support your company needs and deserves for success.