Finding qualified and skilled Anaplan development talent can be a difficult process in today’s highly competitive market. What makes this an even more complicated scenario is not being able to properly gauge if your interview candidates possess the necessary model building and implementation abilities for a successful hire. I have nearly four years of intensive and qualified Anaplan design experience as a Certified Master Anaplanner, so I can confidently recognize legitimate talent that will bring value to your company’s Anaplan journey.

1. What risks might you encounter?


During my career, I have witnessed anything from blatant résumé truth-stretching to tremendous interviewees who simply fail to integrate with an existing Anaplan operation. In general, there are three risks you will face when hiring for your Anaplan team:

  1. Your candidate claims to have a sufficient development skill set without the real experience to back up that claim. 
  2. As an interviewer and base-level Anaplan user, you may not be confident in your ability to recognize a qualified candidate.
  3. Talent is scarce and may be unrealistic to obtain in your required time frame.

These risks make the hiring process both stressful and intimidating for managers and their Anaplan teams. Consider partnering with someone who can guide you and identify talent that will match your company’s needs.

2. The qualities of a strong candidate


To bring value to your Anaplan journey and help maximize your company’s efficiency and connected planning landscape, the ideal job candidate will have technical experience in the following areas:

  • Model design and known Anaplan best practices
  • Data integrations and process automation across multiple systems
  • Project management and user requirements gathering
  • End-user relations and change management oversight

Without these qualities, a developer can only bring partial value to your company. Projects will inevitably run into roadblocks, and learning curves may prove too steep for new hires that were brought in with an insufficient amount of on-the-ground experience with the Anaplan platform.

3. How to find the right talent


The safest approach for mitigating Anaplan hiring risks and finding the strongest possible candidates is to partner with someone who has a proven track record of delivering connected planning excellence across multiple companies and industries.

I offer interviewing and recruiting services that provide companies with confidence around hiring Anaplan talent. My experience enables me to determine if your job candidates have the right technical and soft-skills to positively impact your team’s implementation needs.

With our strategic partnership, we will enable your team’s recruiting abilities through a standard set of eligibility criteria that all potential new hires must meet, and you will have confidence in thorough vetting prior to a job offer being extended.

Hiring the right Anaplan talent can be a difficult process for growing teams. Not only do companies potentially lack the in-house knowledge to confidently recognize the skills that will benefit their Anaplan roadmap, but the labor market is often scarce and filled with candidates who claim more expertise than they actually possess.

To navigate this environment, you need a partner who can help steer your hiring process in a direction that minimizes the risks of seeking out Anaplan talent. My multi-industry experience as a Certified Master Anaplanner gives your company the assurance it needs to seek out talented Anaplan developers and program managers.

“…you need a partner who can help steer your hiring process in a direction that minimizes the risks of seeking out Anaplan talent.”

 Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover a better alternative to meeting your company’s Anaplan needs. I have the experience and dedication to grow your Anaplan presence into a sustainable, highly efficient solution that will exceed the expectations of your end users and team of model builders. Send me a message to get the conversation started, and I will deliver the support your company needs and deserves for success.